To & Fro 2014


video by Liz Charky

Released July 2014

After receiving a research grant as an undergraduate student at Connecticut College, de Lise headed to Portland, Oregon where she spent the summer interviewing and observing the street kids that passed through town. The songs on To & Fro are her interpretations of the stories told to her by the street kids. While the stories are about specific street kids she met, each story speaks to the common questions and struggles of those who are coming of age. The songs are intriguing, each a mini adventure and all are true. To & Fro features: Tracy Grammer (Dave Carter, Joan Baez, Susan Werner) and Jon DeLise (Patti LaBelle, Pablo Batista, David Ivory), background vocals; Allan Slutsky (aka Dr. Licks; Chaka Khan and The Funk Brothers), mandolin; Steve Beskrone (Horace Silver, Ray Charles, Pat Martino), double bass; Louis deLise (Patti LaBelle, William DeVaughn, Halestorm), accordion, percussion, marimba, and piano; among many other notable musicians.

A portion of the proceeds from To & Fro were donated to Outside In, a non-profit organization dedicated to working with young people living on the street in Portland, OR.