Debut LP

 album credits ||

Meat from Bone || Zeb Gould (acoustic guitar) | Timothy Quigley (percussion) | Anthony Mascorro (trumpet)
Baby Bird || Anthony Mascorro (bass) | Sam Crawford (drum programming)
Oh My God || Zeb Gould (lead guitar) | Timothy Quigley (percussion) | Anthony Mascorro (bass)
Empathy OK || Timothy Quigley (percussion) | Chris Lancaster (cello) | Jeff Hudgins (clarinet)
Baby || Timothy Quigley (percussion) | Anthony Mascorro (trumpet)
Clouds Up Ahead || Timothy Quigley (percussion) | Jeff Hudgins (alto sax)
More || Zeb Gould (pedal steel) | Gautam Sinha (percussion) | Mike Gulotta (bass)
Divine Lorraine || Timothy Quigley (percussion) | Chris Lancaster (cello)
Trifle || Timothy Quigley (percussion) | Anthony Mascorro (trumpet)
Where Where Where || Timothy Quigley (percussion) | Jeff Hudgins (alto sax/clarinet)

Elizabeth de Lise electric and acoustic guitars/vocals/piano/moog

© ℗ 2016 Music Music Publishing
all songs written by Elizabeth de Lise
produced and arranged by Elizabeth de Lise, Sam Crawford, Christian Rutledge
engineered, mixed, and mastered by Sam Crawford
layout and design by Cecilia Brown, Hannah Plishtin, and Emma Podietz
photography by Abi Reimold

Thank you to all you New York guys- Sammy, Christian, Zeb, Timothy, Anthony, Lancaster, Jeff- dang, can y’all shred. Thanks for for staying up way past (most of) our bedtimes to do this darn thing. Christian, thank you for making songs with water glasses and reminding me. Mr. Crawford, you have seen me in my ups and downs; thanks for always being game to make it a game.
Gautam and Mikey, thanks for always being down to mess around and make beautiful stuff. You guys managed to always make me feel like I knew what I was doing when I usually didn’t. Thanks for shivering in the Barn and risking electrocution to play songs about boys and acne.
Cecilia, Hannah, and Emma, thank you for sharing your aesthetic gives with me, for taking meandering concepts and making them concrete and stunning. You all are my heroes.
Dr. Dad, thank you for laying the groundwork for me to go forth and feel like I more or less know what I’m doing. Thank you for showing me through your own innovative, deep compositions that music from the heart is perfect, and that cultivation and time and crossing out and un-crossing out can can all be a part of that process.
Ma, thank you for listening to the album over and over and over and knowing all the words better than I do. Thank you for knowing what I need before I do and for reminding me to laugh at myself, because nothing is really so serious.